About me

I play tennis since i was 8 years old. I have played in italian second category and my level was good in single, but probably better in double. I graduated like National Tennis Teacher in 1993 after 6 months of  S.N.M. (Scuola Nazionale Maestri) in Rome and two months in Federal Summer Camps. I had many experiences, training and updating for my professional level, about specific tennis  metodologies and pedagogical methods, experimenting, studying and deepening the most innovative and effective methodologies for learning and continuous improvement of every perspective of tennis. From beginners to the high level i always try to make my best with a lot of passion and attention just to reach with my students their own way for strathegic, tactical, tecnical, phisical and mental growth.

Tra le metodologie che ho maggiormente approfondite ci sono:

  • nel tennis quelle di r.i.t.a (italian tennis research association- Prof. Carlo Rossi), lo standard method del P.T.R. (Professional Tennis Registry), quelle proposte dalla Federazione Italiana Tennis attraverso la Scuola dello Sport, il Centro Federale di Latina, La Scuola Prototipo del Foro Italico e La Scuola delle Tre Fontane; quelle proposte dalla UISP (Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti
  • Nel campo delle Scienze Motorie la pedagogia dell’ascolto di Reggio Emilia, il modello sull’apprendimento cognitivo di Feuerstein, seminari e convegni con le pedagogiste Dottoressa Barbara Urdanch e Dottoressa Rosa De Fonte