Seriousness and respect are my strongholds. I think i am reliable, professional, scrupulous and attentive to details.


I studied and i continue to study  the game, how it develops, what you need to choose in the court. I had many experiens during several of years, but i think study, knowledge, updating, lifelong learning and self-training makes the difference.


I love tennis for everythig it gave me and give me every day, a constant relationship with people, the opportunity to “snoop” and discover new things and new ways. I love my job, teaching, sharing every knowledge, research, trying to find solutions for everybody.


Science of education offers us a lot of model to teach and learn.
About Tennis i elaborated the R.I.T.A. Model bye teacher Carlo Rossi and Luca Bottazzi.
About Pedagogy, just to understand how can improve my way to teach, i studyed Feuerstein and Reggio Children metodologies


La mia predilezione per lavorare con i bambini mi ha permesso di crescere molto anche con gli adulti. L’incontro con mia moglie Simona, Pedagogista, ha sicuramente accentuato ed integrato questa caratteristica.


Quando faccio lezione a chi sta iniziando, qualsiasi sia l’età o il livello, il mio entusiasmo si rigenera ogni volta, e se le strade battute conducono a dei fallimenti o a delle difficoltà, è ancora più eccitante scoprire con chi è davanti a me, il percorso più funzionale per progredire


I like meet new persons and learn from them. Amateurs play in different way and for different reasons. So i love to help them to discover everything i can about their strokes, their styles, their way to use brain in this wonderful sport.


I practised tennis in second national category and i played in single and double against good italian players with atp ranking, sometime  winning. So i have experience to offer to my students. Anyway i improved thanks to the study and the training that i made with teachers Carlo Rossi and Luca Bottazzi.


If you are a beginner i help you to play without my help as soon as possible. You need lessons, ok, but also you will rest a court, you will play with a friend and you will enjoy a lot in a few days. I am really sure!
If your level is something more or much more then a beginner, i’ll help you to make drills by yourself, while you practice alone at wall, or with a friend, in a training match or in tournament. Let me help you!


Learn and have fun: you can! Grow and have fun is possible. It’s my target. Also I hope is your!


Tennis can give you emotions. Few players know what it means win Wimbledon. But it’s not the the only way!
Learn a new way to use your racket, hit the ball, use a spin or understand a strategy is an emotion. Sure for me. I hope we can share it!